Adult Day Health

Iona’s two adult day health centers provide individualized therapeutic, social, and health services during the day for older adults. Our staff offers compassionate care and a friendly community at two locations: the Wellness & Arts Center in Tenleytown and the Washington Home Center in Congress Heights.

Adult Day Health
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Adult day health services provide the best of both worlds for older adults and caregivers because they allow older adults to age in place while receiving quality care and supervision during the day. Older adults benefit from the company of peers, enriching and personalized activities, and close attention from compassionate healthcare professionals. Meanwhile, caregivers get the opportunity to take a break, run errands, and regroup, all with the comfort of knowing that their family member is not bored or lonely at home.

Both of Iona’s adult day centers provide stimulating activities, socialization, nutritious lunch and snacks, and nursing supervision for older adults with memory loss, cognitive and physical disabilities, and other challenges. In addition, Iona offers support groups and respite care opportunities for caregivers at both centers.


Adult day health services provide care at a significantly lower cost than other long-term care services in the area. A Genworth report on long-term care costs found that adult day health services are the least expensive option in Washington, DC.

We offer a variety of payment options and financial assistance for individuals and families. Options include Medicaid waivers, VA benefits, private pay, and sliding scale subsidies. A staff member will meet with your family to discuss your specific financial circumstances.

Activities & Benefits

Designing a calendar of enriching activities—all tailored to meet the needs and interests of center participants—is at the forefront of our work. Common activities include pet visits, art making, exercise, educational lectures, and field trips. Click here to download a sample calendar of activities.

Our adult day health activities are designed to:

Meet the diverse interests of our participants

If you’re spending the day with us, you should enjoy it! That’s why we offer multiple activities at the same time, so participants can choose what interests them. Our experienced staff, which includes registered nurses and certified nursing assistants, is always there to help participants who need encouragement, guidance, or medical assistance.

Support a range of cognitive and physical abilities

We want everyone in our community to enjoy our programs. That means that no matter someone's ability, they’re always welcome to participate. Our experienced team can accommodate or modify any activity so that all participants can join in safely.

Encourage contributions from all members of our community

We firmly believe that everyone has something they can share with our community, no matter how shy or reluctant they are to participate. It can be a story, song, piece of artwork, handshake, or even a smile.

Help prevent cognitive and physical decline

Everything we do is in support of our participants’ health. That’s why we start our mornings with daily exercise and stretching to address cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To keep brains healthy and active, we offer creative writing, mindfulness and meditation, word games, discussions, virtual reality programs, puzzles, and more.

A young woman adjusts the mask of an older adult participant at Iona's Washington Home Center.

Adult day health at Iona

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He’s stimulated all day, and it’s good for him to have professional staff who work on his memory recall. If he wasn’t at the center, he would waste away.
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